We all want to grow and mature as disciples of Jesus. We as pastors of the Crossing have selected Porterbrook as a means to that end. Porterbrook will help all Christians see how the gospel is central to character formation as well as reaching our neighbors.

What is Porterbrook?

Porterbrook's passion is to make theological education available in the local church to mobilize men and women for ministry and mission. This theological training course connects biblical theology to heart change and mission.

PB Steams

What does this Course Teach?

Porterbrook consists of 4 areas of study:

  • Bible and doctrine: because what we believe about God shapes our lives

  • Character: because the gospel changes us

  • Church: because we are saved into the community of God’s people

  • World: because we are called to make disciples in our neighbourhoods, and of all nations

How Long is the Course?

To complete the entire Foundation coursework of Porterbrook, it will take 2 years. Porterbrook consists of 3 "terms" (like trimesters) from September to May. There is no formal study in the summer months. If desired, there is an option for the Advance course to train leaders and church planters.

What is the specific Content?

For year 1, we will be studying 2 of the 4 available "streams" of content. The 2 streams we will focus on are Character and Church. The Character Stream consists of the books or "modules" Gospel Change, Gospel Living, and Gospel Relationships. The Church Stream will consist of Gospel Community, Keeping It Missional and Church History in Missional Perspective. The Bible and Doctrine stream, as well as the World stream will be available in year 2.


What is the time commitment?

Porterbrook consists of self study, group study within "cohorts" and large group training or "Conference Days". Each person will engage the Porterbrook material on their own, this consists of reading articles, videos, study questions and practical exercises. Each week you will gather in a smaller cohort to discuss and apply the material for that week. Once a quarter, every 3 months, there will be a Conference Day with everyone who is participating in Porterbrook. Each person participating in Porterbrook can anticipate 3-5 hours per week of self study and meeting with your cohort. Cohorts will consist of 3-4 people of the same gender; very similar to a Journey Group. Conference Day's occur every few months on a Saturday from 8-11:30am.

How Much Does it Cost?

Porterbrook has designed their program to charge per module or book. Since The Crossing has a partnership with Porterbrook, they offer us a steep discount on their material. Each module cost $24 and we will be reading 6 over the course of the year. Spouses who participate in Porterbrook will get an additional discount of $15 per module. The following breakdown is the total cost for 1 year of Porterbrook:

  • $144 for one participant. This gets access to the online coursework for 12 months and a PDF copy of the material.

  • $234 for a married couple. This gets access to online coursework for 12 months and a PDF for both husband and wife.

Payment options for Porterbrook include 3 separate payments spread out over the 3 terms or paid in one lump sum at the beginning of the year. However, we don't want cost to prohibit anyone from participating in Porterbrook. Partial scholorships are available, if you would like a scholarship, please register below and send an email to Pastor Daniel Smith requesting a scholarship.



Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is closed. We anticipate offering Porterbrook in the Fall of 2019 for new registrants. If you'd like to participate in Porterbrook, please email Pastor Daniel Smith. You can also find more information on Porterbrook's website.